The Washing Up


Washing plates.
It’s a nasty little ‘must-do’ chore that really irritates.
I’d cook more meals probably, if someone washed the tins.
Instead I stick with Pot Noodles fit only for the bins.
“I’ll leave the plates and wash them later,”
Says the great procrastinator.
Half past ten, they’re still not wet,
And now the only way to get
The food off’s with a chisel.
It’s a total donkey’s pizzle.

8 responses to “The Washing Up

  • Syncopated Eyeball

    I hate washing up. And pot noodles so I’ll have a tub of yoghurt.

  • JahTeh

    I don’t mind washing my dishes every month or so but the IceBear cat is fussy and wants a clean dish every feeding and then proceeds to drop the food on the filthy kitchen floor before he eats it. Obviously has never heard of the 30 second rule.

    • Brian Hughes

      My cats refuse to eat off the floor…just drop their rubbish all over it. Most days I have to cut their food up really small, then put it in their mouths for them with a little fork and move their jaws up and down. I’m starting to suspect that they’re being spoilt.

  • Jo

    You have no idea how much I identify with this LOL weetabix is the worst, they actually need to make rockets out of that, it is indestructible when dry.

  • Wordifull Melanie

    It is all in how you look at it… if you view it as The Miracle of Washing Dishes…it is somehow less of a chore. Use the time to let your mind wander in that weird brain cave of yours or gaze out the window and watch the world aroud you. Before you know it dishes done.

    Now I must confess I detest the dishes as well and i do not always follow my own advice (The dishes from last night’s dinner are screaming “Liar” at me even as I type this.

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