I’m Not a Geek


I’m not a geek.
Okay, it might be true
That I’m a fan of Doctor Who,
But what has that to do with you?
I’m not a freak.
Well, yes, perhaps I know the name
Of Data’s cat, but all the same
That’s no excuse to call me lame,
I’m just unique.
I’ve written odes for Captain Kirk,
I might know how warp nacelles work,
And in a pinch I know how adiposes herd.
And the Tardis on my wall
Just hides an ugly stain, that’s all,
It doesn’t mean that I’m a bowtie-wearing nerd.
And, yes, I eat my tea
To haunting strains of Brunnen-G,
And own a Farscape mug that’s dangerous when hot.
But I won’t admit defeat.
I am not a bloody geek.
(And, by the way, the name of Data’s cat is Spot.)


14 responses to “I’m Not a Geek

  • JahTeh

    I am not a geek either. It’s a complete mystery as to why I own the full series of StarGate, StarGate Atlantis, Firefly, Farscape, Primeval, Fringe, Babylon 5 and currently saving up for Deep Space Nine. I don’t make plans for Sunday night in case I miss Dr. Who. I loved ‘Data’s other persona as the mad scientist in Independence Day. No, I’m not a geek.

  • Syncopated Eyeball

    Embrace your inner geekiness, Brian!

  • thesanctuaryofmyheart

    ok…I want credit…I totally knew the name of Data’s cat before reaching the end!! Ha!! Nice job. I really had a great time reading this! Thanks!!

  • Jo

    What’s wrong with being a geek? I thought it was all the rage these days 🙂

  • JahTeh

    I keep remembering back to The Dr’s daughter who was supposed to have died but the last bit of the episode saw her going hell for leather in a spacecraft. Don’t ask me which Dr or what series but we’ve never heard of her since but I think the time is now.

    • Brian Hughes

      Could be. But when Jenny regenerated she stayed the same, whereas Clara’s a different person and doesn’t seem to regenerate as such. All will be revealed in a week or so’s time, apparently. And I bet you it’ll be a massive disappointment. It always is when they’ve built it up so much.

  • suzywordmuser

    I’m a big Doctor Who fan too – and I’m not a geek either!! 😆 I really enjoyed reading this, got me smiling 😀 and I love the way you have ended the poem! Your poetry’s very good – you definitely have a new follower!

    Would you mind if I shared this to my Pinterest account? I have a board on there called Blog Posts, where I pin anything that I find interesting on my travels in WordPress. Share button isn’t needed, by the way, I just copy and paste, it does the same thing. But just thought I’d ask, in case you wouldn’t want that.

  • eccentricess

    I’m a geek. I’m delighted to be a geek. I had a ball dressing up as Janice Rand and taking my Romulan friend to a Trek convention to meet Deanna Troi and Denise Crosby.
    Why try to deny! ;-p

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