A Troubled Spell


I’m going through a troubled spell.
It’s lasted nearly fifty years.
I don’t think that I’m doing well.
It’s taking longer than I feared.
My CPN is growing old.
We chat about the weather now.
My mind was last seen being towed
Away on Portsmouth’s garbage scow.
I haven’t thrown the towel in yet.
There’s some potential to be sought.
There’s more to life still left to get.
I must be madder than I thought.


21 responses to “A Troubled Spell

  • gdalexander

    Riveting poem; thanks for sharing this! I will follow your blog so I can read more later on!

    I have a writing blog that I started after self-publishing my first novel. Please check it out and share your writing experiences with me!

  • Jo

    Nicely done, I wonder if your CPN has probably realised that the rest of world is mad not you 😉

  • thesanctuaryofmyheart

    I think you write very well…for a man who is not well. Nice hat!! 🙂

  • iODyne

    1. don’t you wonder how asshats like gdalexandr get here.
    2. I could not suck a spider up the vac. very cruel. they eat the bad stuff in your house, and trap flies and mosquitos.
    3. Spider Higson in the meter cupboard is like our Huntsmans, they sleep behind picture frames, and circuit the room as night, more scared of us than I am of them.
    4. Brian darling – A Troubled Spell would be “hibble hobble, trill and treble”; whereas your condition is merely being intelligent enough to be disgusted with most of the crap filling news reports. Whitey needs a terrorism cult, aimed at people who harm children and animals, at thieving politicians, and at big pharma, banks and price gougers.
    Lovely image, although a cat is missing from that stack of soft stuff.
    Mirrenovna has offered a reward for return of her bust I believe.

    • Brian Hughes

      Annie, Tom is currently sleeping on the end of the bed, Biscuit is in Michelle’s handbag on the kitchen table (I’ve no idea why) and Bindi (for reasons best left to Bindi) has moved into the shed for the summer (at least, that’s the impression I get) and only ever visits at mealtimes. Unless it’s raining, in which case she comes inside and sleeps on Tom because there’s a hole in the shed roof.
      All of them refuse to co-operate whenever I get the camera out.
      Colin Higson, on the other hand, has agreed to pose for a few web shots, so long as they’re done in a tasteful way.
      As for the bust, Michelle picked it up from somewhere…possibly an abandoned graveyard. It’s a bit disturbing waking up in the middle of the night to find it leering down at me, but I’m sensible enough not to chuck it out.

  • helenvalentina

    Laugh out loud funny and yet also somewhat wistful….the first few lines almost made me spill my coffee while laughing…’it’s lasted nearly fifty years’….but I forgive you as the whole poem was so enjoyable!! 🙂

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