At Brock Mill


Stone arthritic fingers maul the branches overhead.
Brambles drag the broken walls back down.
Like some lost Peruvian temple rising though the jungle mists
Stand the crumbling ruins in shades of golden-brown.
Here long gone workers’ houses stood,
Where mothers baked and children bawled,
Where arguments and idle gossip
Echoed round the valley walls,
All simple sketches in the grass
That mark the graves of Brock Mill’s past.
The water wheel, cracked and burned,
Now blocks the leet where once it turned.
But still the whole place seems to weave
With unrecorded memories.


16 responses to “At Brock Mill

  • Jo

    I love this drawing Brian.

  • Anonymous

    I like this poem and drawing as well, the drawing particularly

  • helenvalentina

    Haunting…beautifully written, mystical tone. 🙂

  • suzywordmuser

    I think she’s talking about your wonderful poem Brian!! 😀 Excellent poem and really creates the atmosphere in the mind of a place I’ve never been to! Old pieces of buildings and walls do seem to have an essence of what used to be, unless that’s my psychic Doctor Who fiction mind! But I always get a feeling of what went on before when standing on a area with remains of broken history – and I’m not even a believer in ghosts really. They might be real, but probably not!

    Scenes like this are very inspiring for writing! I live in Norwich and we have bits of the original stone wall that stand at various unexpected points, surrounded by new shopping malls and car parks. I’m sure the people all those years ago would have been mystified and horrified at the sight of something so diminished and ignored that gave them protection!! Not to mention the white stone cladding added to the castle walls in the 1800’s – to make it blend in nicely with the other great architecture of the Victorian period! Looks nice though and very handy for projection shows – what foresight some great mind had!! 😀

  • iODyne

    “unrecorded”? not now. beautifully evoked dear B.
    I had to put Brock Mill into the search box and up came a stack of images from your F&WA Forum on keeill crosses. then I got distracted by this photo of the ‘cottage’ at Brock Mill which is being visited by an 1895 automobile phaeton. Thank you for the pleasure of it all. X X

    • Brian Hughes

      Yes, Annie, I vaguely remember writing about the history of the place. I wouldn’t have a clue now, because my memory’s rotten…but somebody called Crompton Crompton owned it at one point I think. I remember that because of his ridiculous name.

    • Brian Hughes

      Incidentally, that cottage is still there, I think, at the head of the valley. It looks familiar.

  • thesanctuaryofmyheart

    I am talking about your work when I say….”I loved this.” Isn’t it marvelous to go to such places and try and bring yourself back in time in your mind and imagine what it was like when it was alive with people? Great work!!

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