At Greenhalgh Castle


The aroma of earth churned up under our boots,
Mixed with fresh trampled grass and assorted plant roots,
As the fingers of mist insubstantially grasped
At our ankles, we stumbled and drew up at last
On the castle. Well, I say that – the crumbling pile
Of boulders and dressed stones just over the stile
Would, perhaps, be a far better way of describing
The half-broken knuckle of Greenhalgh. Deciding
To scramble our way up the bright orange banks
We burst through the briars, using rucksacks as tanks.
Then we stood in the only arched window remaining,
Well aware there was no roof, and now it was raining.


14 responses to “At Greenhalgh Castle

  • helenvalentina

    Ruined castles…always so atmospheric! And you mange to depict this and add humor – bravo! 🙂

  • iODyne

    Greenhaigh built in 1490 by Thos. Stanley who had excelled himself on Bosworth Field and was rewarded by Henry VII, with a whole lot of land captured from ‘the enemy’. Stanley had to build this fortified home to repulse all the efforts by them to get it all back (by killing him). It worked for about 150 years when the incumbent Stanley was executed by republicans.

    How do I know this? I bought History Of The Wyre, by Harris & Hughes, and you should too dear reader, as it is terrific.

    One of the Stanley descendants was a Governor of Victoria, and another one was an ancestor of Brian himself, which is why Copperwitch blogger and I sometimes call him Lord Hughes to irritate him, as he is a republican and would love to go about smashing the homes of the aristocracy.

    Pretty damn good illustration up there, considering the bad weather on the day. X X

    • Brian Hughes

      Absolutely correct, Annie. Stanley actually waited during the Battle of Bosworth Field to see which side was winning. Then, when Richard the Third was on his way to surrender, he set his men on him and claimed victory. It was also one of the Stanleys who started the Civil War by sending his servant out to shoot a Republican in Preston. All in all I’d rather be descended from the Blackadders.

  • Anonymous

    Very good 🙂 Interesting Civil War / Jacobite connections around here. Ever been out to the Plough at Eaves?

  • Anonymous

    Yes it’s at Woodplumpton, quite difficult to find if you don’t know the area. Meg Shelton must have been a formidable character to leave that legacy 🙂

  • Jo

    Love it, get drawing as well Brian. 🙂

  • Jo

    Great drawing I meant lol

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