On the Newby Bridge Steam Train


“Do Not Lean Out Of The Window” the sign
On the carriage door read. Oh come on, we were nine,
And to nine year olds statements like that are a dare!
So we lowered the window and, grabbing his hair
And his legs, we picked up Nigel Tucker and stuck
His head out of the train. (I said “nine” – we weren’t schmucks!
We weren’t going to risk our own heads.) Then he screamed
And the carriage was suddenly filled with thick steam.
And a thud! As the smoke slowly cleared we saw
Nigel Tucker, sans head, lying there on the floor,
Acute panic set in. Robert Howard went grey
As he started to choke on his Kendal Mint Cake.
Then just when it couldn’t have got any better,
Tucker stuck his round head through the neck of his sweater,
And grinned. But relief is short lived, and our thanks
Became shadows as eight or nine kids closed their ranks.
By the time the train slowed on the Haverthwaite track,
Nigel Tucker was wedged in the overhead rack.


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