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On the Knott


And in some corrugated field, a tower pointed at the clouds.
It dated from a bygone age, the soil around its base now ploughed
And fat with oats. In rough hewn blocks, precariously balanced stairs
Coiled upwards in a tightened spiral, hanging in the empty air,
Whilst arches held the walls above the swaying ocean of the crops,
And in the darkness just beyond came snorting sounds. We bravely stopped,
Convinced that we had seen six eyeballs blinking in the murky dark,
And egging one another on, we peered into the dungeon’s heart,
Where evil moaned in ghostly tones and demons shuffled in the deep,
Then screaming ran, as three brown cows emerged from where they’d been asleep.


The Gathering

The Gathering

The oily rags of scattered clouds
Left smears across the cardboard sun.
Our rucksacks clattered to the ground
Our long-haul morning hike now done.
But shadows quickly grew around us
In a dark and deathly crescent,
And looking up we saw a row
Of sad-faced cows with quite unpleasant
Glints of malice in their eyes.
Drooling, snorting, watching gently,
Staring at us, mesmerised,
With yellow eyeballs fixed intently
On our saucepans. What they wanted
Only bovine minds could know,
But the brown one in the rear was
Dragging off our camping stove.

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